5 Reasons to Select a Virtual Assistant Service Provider Instead of a Standalone Assistant

Posted on August 19, 2014 · Posted in General Business

More and more small businesses are deciding to use virtual assistants for many operational and support functions. Although there is an abundance of excellent freelancers advertising their services, there are valid reasons for engaging a virtual assistant service provider agency instead. Take the time to review five of these reasons before making a decision.


A company providing virtual assistant services is there for the long term. There is a commitment to establishing and even expanding a working relationship. Often an individual virtual assistant is governed by a changing personal environment. He may be offered a more permanent job, is overwhelmed by work without a readily available boss, is juggling too many virtual jobs or simply decides he has had enough. Unfortunately, it is too easy for a virtual assistant to disappear without being accountable. There appear to be few, if any consequences.

Multiple Disciplines

Individual virtual assistants are usually hired for a particular skill set. However, service providers can deliver various services, depending on the business needs. They are able to provide ongoing support functions such as accounting and IT services, and one time or intermittent services such as Human Resources and website development. You can expand or reduce the services you buy according to your changing operations.

Uninterrupted Service

Like any employee, a virtual assistant can become sick or burned out, or may just turn moody and delay the work. Such inconsistencies and interruptions can cause serious damage to your company’s reputation. A virtual assistant service provider with its pool of resources can deliver continuous services. Even if someone is sick a virtual assistant service provider can call in an immediate replacement, ensuring 100% business continuity for you. 

Operational Efficiency

As an individual, virtual assistant has to manage all his activities on his own, operational efficiency may be compromised. He might not be able to manage his time well and there will already be a problem before you realize essential tasks were not completed. It is more difficult to supervise the day to day work, no matter what tools you have in place. After a few such incidents, the employment relationship deteriorates and you are usually looking for a replacement.  On the other hand, a virtual assistant service provider provides the monitoring and support that will ensure the smooth flow of your work.

Resource Options

A virtual assistant service provider is an HR and an operational manager rolled into one. There might be several people actually doing the work you need done, but you have to deal with only one contact. You do not have to worry about whether or not you need a part time, full time, temporary or permanent employee. You need only be concerned about the actual work you want done.

Once you establish a relationship with a virtual assistant service provider, you will no longer have to worry about staffing issues. You can concentrate on meeting your business goals and growing your company.

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