5 Reasons To Select A Virtual Assistant Service Provider Over A Standalone Assistant

Posted on August 24, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized

When freelancers or standalone virtual assistants have every reason to be engaged, most small businesses feel secure to be associated with virtual assistant service providers. Let’s explore five such reasons why virtual assistant service providers are a step ahead of an individual assistant.


A service provider is obviously more reliable than an individual. A virtual assistant service provider intends to run a company and take it along with clear growth objectives, but an individual virtual assistant limits his work to his mental and physical boundaries. This makes an individual virtual assistant more unreliable, as he may stop his service at any time due to reasons best known to him. He may become sick; he may find a luring job offer and stop at once. All these make a virtual assistant service provider more reliable as they can cut down on these issues.

Individuals might only be working alone for tax or lifestyle reasons and have no intention to expand and become an employer for the foreseeable future – (Workforce Survey, British Chamber of Commerce)

Multiple disciplines

This is something which an individual virtual assistant cannot bring to the table. Virtual assistant service providers can deliver you multiple services as they run the virtual assistant services to suit various business needs. So you get all services under one roof. May it be back office tasks, marketing, customer support, website development, accounting, etc.; you get it all with just one virtual assistant service provider.

Uninterrupted service

A virtual assistant can easily become sick or become overburdened with work or may just turn moody and delay the work, all leading to interrupted support, which can cause serious damage to your company’s reputation. A virtual assistant service provider with more resources can deliver you uninterrupted services. Even if someone is sick a virtual assistant service provider can rope in an immediate replacement, ensuring 100% business continuity to you.

Operational efficiency

As a virtual assistant has to manage all his activities by his own, operational efficiency may be compromised. Issues like responses to your mails, negotiations, payments, understanding your changing needs, relationship management with you and so on will be very naïve. On the other hand a virtual assistant service provider will have separate staff to take care of all your supportive activities which will ensure smooth flow of your associative operations and also a better service deliver system.

Resource options

You do not like a virtual assistant; you can ask for a replacement, you want to engage more virtual assistants for your customer support; you can easily do that. But all these are only possible with a virtual assistant service provider. You cannot do this with an individual virtual assistant, as they are limited by their individual capacities, and engaging more stand alone virtual assistants will be cost bearing and inconsistent.

Relationships and associations are fruitful only if they are long lasting, mutually beneficial and supportive in all aspects. A virtual assistant service provider scores more here than a stand alone assistant.