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Five Ways to be Recognized as an Expert in Your Field

Posted on August 22, 2014 · Posted in General Business

Being an expert in your field has given you the confidence to establish your own small business. Expertise is necessary, but it is just the start of the road to success. Unless others know you are the best, your business will go nowhere. When your customers and your competition learn about your skills and capabilities, you will set yourself apart and capture that market share you deserve. There are five critical ways to promote your expert skills:

Promote Leading Edge Products and Services

Information about latest leading edge new, products and services always comes from the experts in the field. Being first to advise others about the latest developments will establish you as an industry expert and leader.

Anticipate Future Trends

A leader in a field is able to predict new developments. Use your expert knowledge and understanding of past events and current conditions to identify future trends. Advising potential customers of anticipated events places you in front of competitors.

Educate Your Customers

Take the time to be a source of useful information for potential customers. Use blogs, seminars, articles, newsletters, presentations, podcasts, community events or webinars to provide insights into your area of expertise and how that knowledge can be applied to your customer’s benefit.

Become Visible

Be sure to be present wherever your potential customers gather. Whenever your area of expertise is being showcased, be there and be a leader in the activities. Your presence and participation in seminars, exhibitions, conferences and other gatherings of your target population will help establish you as the expert in the field, the one to be contacted when there is work to be done.

Focus on Customer Service

You will be remembered by customers by the quality of service you provide and will receive repeat business for the same reason. The more you can differentiate yourself from your competitors with superior and professional service, the more you will be recognized as the true expert in your field. Promoting your expertise using these simple steps will ensure your recognition by potential customers as the expert in the field. Then, you will be the one called in preference to all competitors when there is business to be done. If you would like to discuss maximizing your position as a go-to industry expert, contact MyBusinessAssistant or call 800.993.9622 for expert, professional advice.