How to Find a Virtual Assistants for Your Online Business?

Posted on August 20, 2014 · Posted in General Business

Your inbox is overflowing, you need to call clients, your new product brochures needs a final edit and you have no time for marketing, let alone developing new ideas. It sounds as if you are chasing your schedules in a vintage car in a world of Formula 1 entries. Perhaps, it is time to hire some help. A virtual assistant (VA) is an excellent option for online business owners who do not have the space or equipment for an employee and the operations do not require working at the same physical location. A VA is a skilled professional who provides administrative, technical or other support services remotely. How do you find such a motivated, competent assistant?

Social Media

Check out individuals and VA groups on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Using the search function, you can narrow your possibilities to a particular kind of work or business such as administrative, accounting, marketing or copy writing. You can find people who specialize in supporting startups, who are experienced working as personal assistants, who are knowledgeable about particular issues and everything in between.


Elance is a good place to find a freelance VA or a firm offering VA services. This service provides access to more than two million freelancers around the world, including web designers, programmers, writers, translators and marketing professionals. Post your job and you will start receiving proposals almost immediately. Elance staff can help analyze your requirements and recommend a VA. The process is as painless as possible.

VA Networking

VA Networking has set up an online job board. Your first step is to prepare a Request for Proposal, including a full description of the services required with detail about specific skills, knowledge and experience. Sit back and wait for the proposals from qualified, competent professionals. This site is predominantly American which reduces some of the language and cultural barriers for North American companies.

Business Networks

Use your current business networking contacts to ask about hiring a VA. There is no better reality check than asking trusted colleagues in your area about their experience with a VA. They might even be able to give you a reference for someone local as many business people do prefer to deal with someone who lives in their own community. Other business owners will be able to recommend companies who specialize in providing VA services. 

Search Engine

Just to form an idea of all the possibilities for engaging a VA, use Google, Bing or any other search engine. Type in ‘virtual assistant’, add a business category or type of work and see what comes up. Just glancing down a couple of pages might help you understand what is available and just what kind of VA you need. You will find many service providers such as Assistant Match, Resource Nation, and even Virtual Assistant University. Many of these companies will prescreen which can greatly reduce your time. If you want to discuss options for virtual assistance that will meet your particular needs, visit us at or call 800.993.9622 for expert advice.