Increase Small Business Profitability with the Right Project Management Tools

Posted on August 17, 2014 · Posted in General Business

The success of a small business often depends on being able to effectively initiate a new project or being able to manage a number of projects at the same time. Smart business owners use one or more project management tools to help guide the process and ensure efficient completion of necessary tasks. Highly recommended products to manage tasks and projects include:


Basecamp is a very easy to use project management tool that is almost foolproof. The program is so intuitive and easy to use that the company even boasts that projects using Basecamp tend to manage themselves. This widely used project management tool comes with a full range of useful features including message boards, to-do lists, file sharing, milestones, project overviews, time tracking, writeboards, commenting, and chats. Even more flexibility and features are available with integration of third party tools such as AgileAgenda and Roadmap.


DeskAway offers an affordable and simple way to manage projects, incorporating features that address all aspects of small business activity. The Project Collaboration feature provides capability to list projects, track milestones, and complete time sheets. General Collaboration capabilities ensure timely listings of contacts, status updates, and blog updates. The Reporting function facilitates project reports and control of backups. A Mobile setup is provided for iPhones, and other useful features are also included.


ActiveCollab can be installed on the small business server or local network. This powerful project management and collaboration tool assists file sharing, invoicing, discussions, email integration, time tracking, and offers other useful features such as unlimited storage.


The LessAccounting tool focuses on reducing accounting hassles frequently encountered by small businesses. Simple and easy to use features are designed to make the accounting process easier and more efficient. Main components include being able to record and categorize expenses, complete invoices, track customers owing money, track expenses by category and project, create proposals, import data, and integrate third party information.


Smartsheet can be the ideal tool for small business managers using spreadsheets to manage tasks and projects. This product combines elements of traditional project management with easy to use spreadsheets.  By removing the clutter and graphics usually associated with other project management tools, Smartsheet saves time because it is simpler to use.

Many other project management tools are also available, including Central Desktop, Springloops, Teamwork, Jumpchart, 5pm, Huddle, and Trac Project. Do spend research time to identify the products that are best suited to your business needs. Look for a tool which provides easy transition from existing practices and which can be easily learned and implemented by staff.

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