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Multi Funding helps victims in the time of crisis by providing immediate cash to persons injured in any type of accidents. While waiting for their case to settle, victims can utilize the legal funding offered by Multi Funding to take care of medical, living, and other unforeseen expenses. Multi Funding contacts the victim’s attorney and obtains all the case information.


Multi Funding requires professional multi-lingual phone support during business hours, ensuring that client and attorney inquiries are handled in a timely manner and proper follow-up is done. It also requires administrative support for gathering medical and legal documentation, and processing and maintaining the funding documents. It faces the challenge of maintaining a central repository of all documents for each client and attorney cases. There is a need to make sure that all the information is centralized, accessible, and well organized.

How MyBusinessAssistant Supports Multi Funding:

My Phone Assistant services: MyBusinessAssistant offers real-time customer service support with a backup live receptionist, so that all the calls are handled by a live person at all times.

My Administrative Assistant services: We provide administrative support for all back office needs. MyBusinessAssistant works closely with accident victims, and explains them what they can expect during the process, once they engage with Multi Funding for a loan. We make contact with the respective attorneys regarding the client’s request and identify what is required. We then contact the victim to inform them about the situation and whether we have received the required information or not. Once we receive all necessary paperwork on the victim’s case, we inform them that their request is being reviewed. We keep close communication with both the victim and their attorney’s office.

MyBusinessAssistant works as a team member of Multi Funding and receives ongoing updates on client requests. We are copied on all new faxes and correspondence coming in, so that we can move forward with our work without having to request for information. Once Multi Funding determines the outcome of the requests, it is immediately communicated to the victims and their attorneys via phone. MyBusinessAssistant developed a centralized database of records allowing accurate processing of ongoing as well as ad hoc reports. We mail out client and attorney correspondence on Multi Funding’s behalf.