Optimize Small Business Management with a Virtual Assistant

Posted on August 13, 2014 · Posted in General Business

A Saturday Night Live skit illustrates the economic advantage of using a virtual assistant in a small business. In the scene, a reporter is aboard an 1800-era man-of-war ship interviewing the Captain while the entire crew slaves away at menial deck cleaning chores. When asked to describe the daily schedule, the captain responds, “Well, Sir, we sail for 1 hour and do chores for 23 hours.” Puzzled, the reporter then asks whether the ship would travel further if it sailed for 23 hours and chores were restricted to 1 hour a day. The Captain politely explains, “Yes Sir, in the short-term you are correct. But in the long term the men would miss the discipline.”

As captain of your small business, you must assess the amount of time you are spending “sailing”, and the amount of time spent performing menial tasks. If the chore hours are cutting in too deeply into the sailing hours, your business will suffer and perhaps even fail. Of course, small business management “chores” are essential to smooth operation, but remember that it is your specialized area of expertise which provides the reason for the existence and success of your company. The more time you can devote to developing and promoting your product or service, the greater the potential for success.

Free yourself from the “chores” of everyday small business management to sail the waters of increased profitability by using the services of a virtual assistant. By taking on vital administrative tasks, an off-site virtual assistant company like My Business Assistant gives the small business owner time to focus on doing what he does best and developing new business.

Here are examples of how My Business Assistant is helping small business customers:

  • Realizing the importance of providing 24/7 service to its potential customers, a finance company has engaged My Business Assistant to solicit inquiries with its 24/7 Phone Support, as well as to use one of our U.S. based Virtual Assistants to log these inquiries directly into the customer’s data base
  • A webeneur operating a number of e-commerce websites requiring bi-weekly new input of many content articles including descriptive product descriptions, catchy Facebook entries as well as focused tweets has engaged My Business Assistant to provide Marketing Support using both its US and India-based content writers and social media experts
  • An aspiring ecommerce retailer needing a new website engaged My Business Assistant to have their Website Support experts in India create a site meeting all his exact specifications as well as providing back-link services for SEO purposes; these same experts now provide the ongoing support for this robust and thriving e-commerce platform
  • U.S. based accounting support experts from My Business Assistant provide small business bookkeeping and record keeping expertise to a small real estate brokerage, updating their Quickbooks on a weekly basis.

All these companies have increased their available time to steer their companies to increased profitability by using My Business Assistant. Imagine the possibilities in your own company by engaging the services of a virtual assistant to free yourself and your staff from the menial chores of day to day operations.

Visit us at www.mybusinessassistant.com or call us at 800.993.9622if you are interested in saving admin time so you can focus on your primary business! Let us be your Website Assistant.