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Small Businesses.

MyReceptionistVirtual Assistant Receptionist

Virtual PBX is a hosted PBX system which completely automates the handling of your incoming calls. A virtual or hosted PBX system is maintained by us, so you don’t need to pay for any hardware, software or support. Calls are routed from the hosted PBX to extension owners through the public telephone network. Virtual PBX offers a full-featured phone system with features and capabilities far surpassing those of the most expensive in house PBX systems. Virtual PBX is clearly the better choice for small to mid-size companies with dispersed teams, and those with limited financial capabilities.
Key features of our Virtual PBX system:

Lower cost of ownership: no hardware or software to install or maintain

Professional call handling: Callers are greeted with a professionally recorded personalized business greeting, and then offered menu options for proper call routing

Anywhere forwarding: Calls can be forwarded to any employee’s phone, in any location – including international locations

Easy access: The system provides a directory of employee extensions accessible by inputting digits corresponding to employee first or last names
Voice mail capability: Takes voice messages for any employee extension, for a department, or for the company in general
Call transfer: calls can be easily transferred between extensions

Unified communication: Combines all phone and fax numbers into one corporate number. The technology encompasses all forms of phone, fax and email functions controlled by an individual user or a group of individual users into one controlled system

Web-based access: Allows for complete control of call forwarding options from anywhere, anytime using web-based interface

Voice message transcription: Messages can also be transcribed and emailed to you

Give your callers that personal, real human touch with our Live Virtual Receptionists. Armed with the latest technology, a Remote Live Receptionist is a highly trained receptionist who takes all your business calls with your personalized message and connects to you so seamlessly that your clients won’t believe your receptionist isn’t in the office with you. Our Virtual Receptionists can go a step ahead and make appointments, provide information about your company, and place orders, and email or fax the information collected from the callers to you. This service is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Key Features of 24/7 Live Virtual Receptionist:

    • USA based professionals: All Live Receptionists are professionally trained USA based agents
    • Personalized greetings: All calls are greeted with a completely customized greeting. Your caller will have no idea you are outsourcing your call answering services
    • Allied services: Live Receptionists take messages, patch calls, schedule appointments, and even take and complete e-commerce orders from your website
    • Pre-recorded messages: Marketing messages can be recorded to inform your callers about upcoming events, new services, or just to say how much you appreciate the call
    • Immediate message forwarding: Messages are delivered via email, fax, or both. Email provides you immediate access to your messages, no matter where you may be, anywhere around the world, all the while saving you time and money. When your Live Receptionist takes messages for you, the message is quickly and efficiently sent to the appropriate email address, pre-specified by you

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My Business Assistant Administrative Services:Virtual Assistant Administrative

  • Calendar management
  • Proofreading
  • Client / lead follow-up calls and emails
  • Email / fax replying and filtering
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Expense report processing
  • Customer record update and maintenance
  • Vendor research
  • Event organization
  • Document management including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Dictating / transcription
Each business is different. You might use some kind of unique applications related to your industry or business processes. Whether it’s a custom backend system for your business or a complex proprietary system for managing your business initiatives, we train senior or industry-specific virtual assistants on your application so they can manage your business requirements effectively.
Whether it’s a research report you need or database tasks in conjunction with your research projects, our trained researchers scour the Internet to meet your information requirements. Our virtual assistants are experienced in:

  • Product research
  • People research
  • Vendor research
  • Market research
  • Competitor research
  • Article research
Data Cleanup: We can transform your poorly formatted documents and spreadsheets and convert them into professional documents. Our virtual assistants can:

  • Clean your data for erroneous information or custom criteria given by you.
  • Validate entered data for consistency and accuracy.
  • Remove letters, symbols, and characters that don’t belong.

Data Formatting: We can take in raw information and format it to give it a structure that can be utilized to make business decisions.

  • Organize people, groups, companies, or any other item.
  • Reformat unorganized or unreadable text so it looks clean and professional.
  • Parse unorganized data into a standardized format.

Data Processing: Our virtual assistants have expertise in processing scanned images for fan clubs, warranty cards, forms, or written surveys. Now you can make your business truly paperless.

  • Check for erroneous and incorrectly entered information.
  • Interpret bad handwriting more accurately than machine reading.

Data Extraction: We can sift through documents to find hidden yet valuable information.

  • Locate and extract specific pieces of information from a scanned document.
  • Determine if a document talks about a specific subject matter.
  • Highlight and format names and addresses gathered programmatically.

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My Business Assistant Online Marketing ServicesVirtual Assistant Marketing


Do you have an online presence in your community?

Google Local Busines Map

Did you know that 50% of all searches include a city or local term.
This means that every search for every term will have the local companies that have figured out how to get listed in all of the local directories. We’ll make sure that for all of the keywords that you want to show up for you’ll be showing up in your local area as the desired choice. If your prospect can’t find you…they can’t buy from you.How are your customers finding you? Are you on the front page of the Google listing in your industry? Do you have videos on video sites and your website which describe your business? Does your website show up in any first page searches?

Are you staying in front of your customer?

There are many ways to communicate with your customers and prospects. When it comes to the internet, this strategy can be done at a very low cost. The other advantage is the capability to automate your marketing. This strategy will generate leads or communicate to you prospects and customers on autopilot. It can also be changed at anytime!

Email marketing is an ideal way to maintain communication with your current customers, but it can also be a great way to turn prospects into customers.

They say you need to “touch” you prospect 7 times before they buy from you. By integrating an email campaign into your website or other Web 2.0 location you can generate leads by offering an exchange with a prospect – your informative eBook, coupon, tip video etc. for their email. Once you have this email you can maintain contact with for 7 days and gain trust and showcase the benefits of your product or service. Remember, benefits are about the customer not you.

Need more online visitors?

We can help get more visitors to your site.

Our services:

  • Advertising – PPC, Re-Targeting, Targeting Ads
  • Local SEO
  • MArketing Syndication

Let everyone know what your business has been up to!

A press release can help your business or organization get reach and publicity on the web across search engines, blogs, and websites. Compelling news in a well-crafted release will help you attract new business, as well as engage and retain existing customers. We can help write and submit your press release to all the important national and local media outlets.

Need an online presence or refresh your current one?

MBA provides services including web design and development, web application design, professional e-commerce online shopping systems, website hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), internet search engine promotion and submission, e-learning, 3D solutions to people throughout the world.

Need immediate traffic?

Search engine marketing is among the most important forms of online marketing today and it fits every budget. Being listed at the right position for a specific search query is the strongest way to draw in qualified visitors. In Pay Per Click programs you only pay when people click on your website. The right keywords need to be targeted, the competition has to be studied, and a perfect ad copy needs to be written. My Website Assistant’s PPC service carefully evaluates the keywords for your business and launches multiple campaigns to get the maximum results with minimum investment.

Need professional content?

Powerful online and offline marketing requires content on a regular basis. Your business needs content for point of view articles, press releases, websites, marketing campaigns, marketing collateral, blogs, advertising, training material, presentations, reports, product demos, and a lot more. Our experienced content designers can write and edit content for any business need. After you explain your requirements and send all the preliminary info, our writers do the research and create fresh content for you. They have expertise in writing keyword optimized content for the web too.

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My Business Assistant Bookkeeping Services:Virtual Assistant Bookkeeping


        • MyBookkeeper includes all aspects of bookkeeping, payroll, and tax compliance needs; you will receive a financial personal advisor along with monthly financial reports and meetings.


        • Save money and hassles by not hiring in-house accounting staff or managing freelancers


        • Experienced CPAs and bookkeepers will handle your services


        • Data input and submission is made simple and easy


        • All reports and information will be at your fingertips


        • Sound financial advice is available to you from your dedicated finance manager


        • You will sleep well knowing all data and communication is secure


      [tab title=”Requirement analysis”] To get a full understanding of how you operate your enterprise, we conduct an initial review of your financial goals. Then we work with either your existing procedures, or implement a new online accounting system for your specific business requirements. There is more than one way we can manage your accounting process. You choose what works for your company.
      We either make use of your existing system, or we transfer all information from your current application to QuickBooks online. You, your virtual bookkeeper, and your virtual accountant will have access to your QuickBooks. Once the initial set up is done, you send all the information using a scanning and secure data transfer technology and your books are maintained and updated as soon as we receive the documents. This internet-based system enables you to go online and enter your accounting transactions and review reports anytime, anywhere.
      MyBusinessAssistant hosts the full-blown version of QuickBooks application on a hosting server. The hosting service is completely secured and managed by a reliable US based hosting company. By using hosted QuickBooks, anybody in your team can access your accounting application virtually from anywhere. If you already have a QuickBooks license, we use it to host the QuickBooks while you only pay a small hosting fee.
      QuickBooks offers a hosted version of the application too. We set up your QuickBooks online application and you and your accounting personnel are ready to access it online.
      Our virtual accountants and bookkeepers can access your own computer using online login services using remote connectivity tools. You can even watch your virtual accounting team working on your system. Your accounting and bookkeeping will be done in a few hours. All you need is an internet connection on your computer.