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The I-COM is an industry backed global forum for exploring measurement issues facing the Digital Media Industry, with the goals of international cooperation and understanding, information sharing and working toward consensus on Best Practices.


I-COM organizes and hosts global conferences and local seminars all round the year. These events give an opportunity to work on the future of Online Measurement with the top leaders and experts from around the world. This requires inviting leaders and experts from all over the globe for sharing their ideas, and participating in panel discussions. These conferences usually have over 200 participants and it is a big challenge to personally call all the invitees, speak to them to finalize deals, offer them speaker opportunities, prepare on topics for panel discussions, share press releases, and update expired agreements. Managing the database, adding critical contact info, and removing stale data based on bounce-backs is also an ongoing activity. Handling these tasks efficiently is critical to make the events successful.
I-Com wanted all its assistants to work in Apple Mac environment.

How MyBusinessAssistant supported:

I-COM selected MyBusinessAssistant’s Virtual Assistant services in the year 2006 for this job because of our multi-shore advantage. We deployed a team of onshore and offshore assistants along with an account manager. India-based assistants cover the Asia Pacific, Australia, and Europe regions and USA-based agents cover the Americas. Our Spanish-speaking assistant is able to correspond and get a lot of support and participation from the Latin/South American countries.

I-COM is headquartered in Europe and the invitees are from 60 countries, so it takes a lot of effort to efficiently plan meetings so that time zone differences are taken care of. Our assistants do whatever it takes to get participants from across the globe. They do online research, make calls, send emails, and contact high profile corporate leaders and schedule appointments for the Chairman of I-COM to speak with them. We maintain the contact database with all the details.

MyBusinessAssistant worked closely with I-Com to set-up Mac computers for assistants in USA and India.

MyBusinessAssistant offers total flexibility in terms of team ramp-up/ramp-down based on the need:

During the year, I-COM hosts several small conferences and we do regular work, but when the main conference comes around, we step it up and allocate several full time resources for I-COM.