Top 5 Positions Where Virtual Assistants Work Better Than Regular Full-Time Employees

It is often difficult to decide whether to hire a regular employee to sit in your workplace or to engage a virtual assistant. Although there are valid arguments for both in-house and remote employees, there are a few positions where the virtual staff seems to work well for most businesses. Check out these top 5 positions that are well suited to virtual employees.

Customer Care

No matter how large or small your business, there need to be designated staff to handle all your customer queries, concerns and complaints. Customer feedback usually comes through phone calls or emails so it is a natural job to be handled by a virtual assistant. If you own a small business, you might want to consider hiring one or two part time people who deal specifically with customers.

They will need in-depth training to make sure they are fully conversant with all the usual questions about products and services. Perhaps, you will expect them to trouble shoot technical difficulties or at least know when to connect with a technical expert. When they are fully trained with a monitoring system in place, it really does not matter where in the world they are working.


Online marketing and telemarketing are good jobs to outsource to virtual assistant service providers who specialize in these fields. Once the script is written and approved by you, the service provider will hire and monitor the employees. Because the agency has their own expertise in this type of marketing, they can even offer suggestions for enhancing what you do.

IT Support

A virtual assistant is great for work that is only needed occasionally such as IT support. For example, you do not have to install or maintain software daily so simply contract with someone to be available remotely when you do need updates or corrections. That way, you are paying only for the service you actually use.

Administrative Support

Many business owners imagine a traditional secretary, receptionist or office clerk when they think about administrative support. If you stop and consider the actual work that is needed, you will quickly realize that it can be done from anywhere by a virtual assistant. Such jobs include clerical administration for organizing files, correspondence and schedules, bookkeeping and arranging meeting time, space and participants. You might even prefer a virtual assistant full service provider to handle a variety of tasks through several individuals.

Online Ecosystem

Your business’ position in your industry’s digital ecosystem is reflected primarily in your website. It is your face to all your stakeholders from customers to the competition to financial institutions. The design, development and maintenance of a website must be done by a professional who is qualified and competent. You cannot afford to cut corners which usually means, as a small business owner, you cannot afford to hire the necessary expertise full time as a regular employee. Again, a virtual assistant, either individually or as part of a virtual service provider is more efficient and, in the long term, more effective.

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