Top 5 Positions Where Virtual Assistants Work Better Than Your Full-Time Employees

Posted on September 1, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized

It’s more a matter of effectiveness and smartness that needs to be considered when comparing a virtual assistant to a full-time, in-house employee. Both are effective in their own ways; however there are some positions where a virtual assistant can topple your full-time employee. Let’s explore five such positions to make this point more vivid.

Call answering, customer care and support

At most places customer care is always a separate division, the reason; objectives and the way you operate are different. You need extreme care and full dedication to handle this team. In-house employees will create that added pressure on you, as you need to take constant care of them. On the contrary a virtual assistant or a company offering your virtual assistant services can take care of this area in a highly professional manner. You just need to brief them about your support clauses and conditions and these virtual assistants will add that much needed human touch and professionalism and deliver you great service. Firms offering virtual assistant services can also easily expand the staff if you need to raise your customer support team unlike regular, tedious hiring process for full-time employees.

 Web virtual assistants give a persona to self-service, like a friendly concierge, increasing customer adoption of the self-service channel—-


Online marketing and telemarketing require constant monitoring. If you are engaging regular employees you have to do the monitoring part, give them ideas or at least hire a manager to overlook them. Virtual assistants or service providers specialize in online and telemarketing and provide a 24×7 marketing solutions based on your needs. You can be free from monitoring them; you just need to look at the results. As these virtual assistants work with different clients they can also suggest you effective ways of marketing online and through phone which can never be expected from a regular employee.

IT support

Software do not often crash or get bugged; computers do not always shut down; and you don’t need to install or maintain various programs daily, then why do you need a full time expert to handle these issues?  A virtual assistant can just be plugged in when needed. You can also tie-up with some virtual assistant service providers, who can help you when needed and charge you for that. There are also virtual assistants who can trouble-shoot the problem from a remote location thus saving you more money.

Back office tasks

This is certainly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of outsourcing your non-core tasks. Virtual assistants are easily preferred here over full-time employees, as the value that gets added by a regular back office employee is lesser in the overall growth orientation of your company. A virtual assistant does all your back office support jobs with ease and doesn’t complain and ask for leaves or become sick, as these virtual assistant service providers will rope in with immediate replacements and never let your work get delayed. You can use these virtual assistants for making presentations, filing report, managing daily accounts, preparing statements, fixing appointments and so on. You can also assign a task in the middle of the night as these virtual assistant service providers also offer you 24×7 support, so that you get your stuff done by the next morning.

In a survey conducted on virtual assistant, over 90.07% respondents said that their primary VA service was administrative in nature —– Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce.

Online eco-system

Building your website and maintaining it is a professional’s job and you absolutely cannot afford full time employees doing this for you. To simply put, these website changes and maintenance are occasional and a virtual assistant is the right person to engage. You can use a virtual assistant only when you need to tweak your site or make some changes. There are many virtual assistants who expertise in building and maintaining websites along with other supportive services like writing articles, maintain your blog etc., to provide you a perfect eco-system for your online presence and marketing.