Top 5 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Virtual Assistants

Posted on September 21, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized

Outsourcing your non-core business activities to virtual assistants brings along the additional responsibility to ensure that you get the maximum out of this model. Though one of the key benefits of outsourcing is to stay away from all those time consuming and non-productive activities; you still need to ensure that the objectives are met. No, it’s certainly not hard to get the best out of your virtual assistants rather it’s easy if you follow these simple yet effective tips:

1. Let your vendor fully empathise with your business: A virtual assistant (VA) provider, even though runs his own business, automatically qualifies as an extension of your business. This mandates that you let your virtual assistants fully comprehend your business, its nature, its policies, shared vision, customer understanding and appreciation. This is the crucial part that most businesses miss out or fully ignore, and blindly believe in the capabilities of the VA to understand their business needs. Remember a VA should emanate the style and pattern of your business to ensure greater compatibility, which leads to profitable long term association and rapid growth.

2. Get direct customer feedbacks: If your outsourced activities include customer based interactions like phone/chat support and post-sale customer support or other similar activities involving your customers you got to have an extra eye on your virtual assistants. There are a few things you can do to check the quality of the service like:

  • Taking direct customer feedbacks on the services offered.
  • Maintaining a customer grievance cell under your purview to track VA’s performance. This will bring the best out of your VA as they assume that you are under constant check to gauge their performance.
  • Make mock customer interactions and check for the responses, compare it with the set standard procedures and measure the overall quality.

3. Get your requirements customized: Most virtual assistants offer a task-based or man-hour based solution which may be suitable to businesses like yours, however there are situations where you need a combination of services which best suit your requirements. In such cases it is recommended that you insist for customized solution rather than sticking to unfavourable readily offered solutions.

4. Set high quality standards and make your VA service provider follow them: One of the fundamental objectives of outsourcing is to get your business activities done with utmost efficiency and quality. Though your VA may ensure maximum quality it’s your job to check on it and if needed set quality standards and work deadlines. Devise ways to check for those standards to be regularly met by the VA.

5. Idea generation leading to more profits: As your service provider constantly interacts with your customers and business processes they can, if focused, come up with ideas that can make a major impact on the way you are operating or even conceive new products or services for your business.  So, if your VA is not conscious enough to this notion he may fail in understanding and creating new ideas and business opportunities for you. So keep telling your provider to be fully aware and have a larger view of things when dealing with your clients or activities.

Final word

Many small businesses that failed or made least out of outsourcing have more often ignored these practices and instead blamed virtual assistants for non-performance and in-effectiveness.