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World View on Virtual Assistants: Right Shoring for Quality Service and Cost Containment

Posted on August 26, 2014 · Posted in Administrative Support, General Business, Live Receptionist, Marketing

World View on Virtual Assistants:  Right Shoring for Quality Service and Cost Containment

Hi, I’m a virtual assistant working for MyBusinessAssistant.  My clients really like the fact that I’m a US-based virtual assistant.  I do interact with colleagues in India, but there are many times when it’s more effective for me to directly support my clients here in the US.  This is especially true when managing customer service activities.  My connection with customers is typically more natural, and quick.  I more intuitively understand the daily issues a customer is facing, and I’m able to address all business matters in an efficient and effective manner.  I also find that I’m able to become a true extension of my client’s business – working in a seamless manner that helps propel forward my client’s interests.

Connecting with my client’s customers on even small matters like the local weather, or sports teams, is a way I can build rapport, and move towards an effective customer engagement.  I think these same factors also apply to my colleagues in our US-based call center for MyBusinessAssistant, which is staffed 24/7 here in the US.  There’s no language or accent barriers – our entire US-based team provides customized support for our US-based clients.

However, MyBusinessAssistant does have a philosophy of “right shoring” the work we do for our clients.  We have found that utilizing our team members in India for database management, Internet research, and other Internet-based administrative tasks can create a cost effective alternative for our clients.  In most cases, one of our US-based team members coordinates this work, allowing our clients to have a US-based contact, while being able to access the highest quality support from members of our team in India.

It’s this flexibility that we offer our clients that makes MyBusinessAssistant so unique.  We work creatively to provide the highest quality service possible to our clients – understanding when it’s best to have the work managed by one of us in the US, and when it’s effective to incorporate one of our India-based team members.